Guavapplerry Puff Tart
Guavapplerry Puff Tart

Guavapplerry Puff Tart

The Brewing Projekt
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  • 4.13 rating on Untappd
  • 4.06 Brewery rating
  • Fruited Sour
  • 4.78% ABV

“The guavapplerries taste like guavapplerries!” - Me, after trying today’s beer.

A guavapplerry is a cross between a guava, a pineapple, and a cherry. I’ve been trying to figure out how to grow them ever since I first tried Guavapplerry Puff Tart

The crew at The Brewing Projekt tell me they don’t actually exist. They claim they used nothing but real guavas, pineapples, cherries, vanilla, and a touch of creamy lactose to crank up the fruit-smoothie flavors on this latest addition to the Puff Tart series. But, I don’t believe them. 

The flavors just meld together too smoothly for this to be a product of fruit blending! This silky, creamy, tangy brew doesn’t taste like 3 different fruits, it just tastes like guavapplerry. Sweet, tart, crisp, and juicy guavapplerry.

So, here’s my theory: these brewers have an experimental greenhouse hidden someplace in their hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and they use it to breed novel varieties of top secret fruit! These berry patch-meets-orchard flavors simply can’t be explained by conventional produce. 

However they make it, you guys love the Puff Tart series — these beers always go fast, and earn 4+ ratings from Tavour members. Which means, you’ll have a lot of competition if you want to snag a can of Guavapplerry.