Got Damn
Got Damn

Got Damn

Standard Brewing
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  • 4.02 rating on Untappd
  • 3.81 Brewery rating
  • NE IPA
  • 6.2% ABV

I gotta say, of all the award-winning beers at Standard Brewing, today’s Got Damn is one of my favorites. At least this week. 

I was sitting at the bar of this tiny Seattle brewpub months ago, and they’ve got a whole wall of medals from the Washington Beer Awards and the Best of Craft Beer Awards This IPA

That’s why I had to grab as many cases as I could to share with all of you! Turns out, that’s not a lot. This stuff is so limited that I managed to score less than 30 cases! That’s it! That’s all that will ever leave the state of Washington!

Heck, I’m pretty sure these are the only cans leaving the city of Seattle. 

In fact, judging by the lines that regularly extend around the block, we might have the only stash of Got Damn to make it out of Standard’s immediate neighborhood! 

If you want a sip of this stuff, you better jump on it fast, because it’s not going to last. Pick up a case or two and get to know one of Seattle’s best kept secrets!