Fruit/Wood/Time: Blackberry & Boysenberry
Fruit/Wood/Time: Blackberry & Boysenberry

Fruit/Wood/Time: Blackberry & Boysenberry

Westbrook Brewing
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  • 4.15 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.0 Brewery rating
  • Oak-Aged Sour Ale - Fermented with Blackberries and Boysenberries
  • 5.2% ABV

Share today’s beer with your customers and watch the conversation turn to beer vacation plans to Westbrook’s adored South Carolina taproom.

One sip and your buds will long to experience the care and southern hospitality the brewery gives to each one of the barrel-aged beers in their highly-rated arsenal. On average, Westbrook's Fruit/Wood/Time BA Berry Sours mature over 2 ½ years in oak — that’s over 18-months longer than the average barrel-aging time!

These craft connoisseurs make 4 of BA’s Top 5 Beers In South Carolina. For those that have experienced their award-winning brews, just hearing the name Westbrook whisks craft fans away to a comfy seat at the taproom — and the feeling of being at home from the moment you sit down.

Today we have a masterfully complex beer that highlights Westbrook’s expertise and their commitment to craft beer excellence: Fruit/Wood/Time: Blackberry & Boysenberry Barrel-Aged Sour Ale.

Gently take in this tart and juicy Sour with aromas of an entire field full of ripe boysenberries and wild notes of tangy blackberries. Wind down with woody vanilla bean drawn from oak barrels, captivating the palate on the finish.

A taste of Fruit/Wood/Time is a taste of the highest ranked brewery in South Carolina. A taste of all of the complex components that make Westbrook such a treasure in the eyes of the craft community. A sophisticated taste of fruit, wood, and time that when shared has the power to inspire a beer-cation with your buds.