Fruit Squad + Peaches
Fruit Squad + Peaches

Fruit Squad + Peaches

Westbound & Down
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  • 4.02 rating on Untappd
  • 3.86 Brewery rating
  • Fruited Sour
  • 6.0% ABV 

 Like him or loathe him, beer celebrity @Don’tDrinkBeer is rife with knowledge and entertainingly candid commentary about the craft beer scene. 

Scroll through his Instagram, and you'll see countless rants sh*tting on beer fads and breweries that focus their time on building hype rather than mastering the craft. That’s why we were super stoked when he posted one of his rare “stellar reviews” praising a little-known brewery we just partnered with. 

Here are the highlights from @Don’tDrinkBeer’s reviews on Colorado’s Westbound & Down:

  • The beers this place is putting out are consistently noteworthy.”
  • “Unless you’re in Colorado, Westbound & Down is not probably a brewery that you give a sh*t about. No razzle trade value, people just buy and consume the delicious bottles like total dumbshits.” That’s sarcasm for ‘people buy their beers for drinking, rather than for trading, selling, or bragging rights.’ 
  • “These beers opt for that Forager and Floodland Brewing softness that I adore vs. the rip-your-face-off acidity found in way too many Sours these days.”

Today’s Fruit Squad + Peaches Sour is a prime example of the brewery’s expertise in barrel-aged Sours that @Don’tDrinkBeer admires. And it’s a good day to be a Direct.Beer member, because we’re giving you a shot at snatching one of only 10 cases we can get!

This bright jammy fruit still beer is so elegant you could trick your buddies into believing it's wine. The result of the barrel aging is a softly oaked, tangy delight of a brew jam-packed with light peachy flavor. It’s not subtle, roughly 1000 lbs / 3.2 lbs of peaches per gallon went into Fruit Squad — that's just under legal limit!

We recommend you check out more of @Don’tDrinkBeer’s posts on his Instagram and blog — they’re very informative and great for a good chuckle. And with over 43,000 followers, we’d say he’s pretty darn influential. 

Definitely snag yourself a bottle of Fruit Squad before jumping into his work, because you’re likely to get sucked into hours-worth of binge-reading. This brew will be gone so fast, there won’t be any bottles left by the time you finish and head back to Direct.Beer!