Fresh IIPA V7

Fresh IIPA V7

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  • Last batch earned 4.24 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.16 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Hazy IIPA with El Dorado and Idaho 7
  • 8.5% ABV

Give Me Fresh Or Give Me Death!

When it comes to IPAs, I won’t stand for anything but the freshest I can find. I live for the flavors of straight-up fruit juice that are only so vivid in fresh IPAs!

Sometimes, I have half a mind to march down to the big-chain grocery store where they let IPAs sit on shelves for months-on-end and chant in protest:

Hey Hey, Ho Ho!

Old IPAs have got to go!

Do not put me to the test!

Give me fresh or give me death!

But thankfully, I haven’t reached that point yet because the brewers at Hubbard’s Cave in Chicago are truly dedicated to the cause of crafting fresh AF IPAs. And they have an entire series of 4+ UT-rated Imperial IPAs with canned-on dates printed in plain sight to prove it!

Today’s Fresh IIPA V7 showcases the beauty of an IPA at its prime with an extravaganza of fruity flare that will satisfy any hophead’s hazy cravings.

To get a taste of freshness like this usually requires flying into Chicago O’Hare and hoofing it to Hubbard’s Cave. But I can’t stand by and let my hophead friends continue suffering through IPAs that have been subjected to super-store standards of freshness.

And there’s no better brewery to fight the fresh IPA fight than Hubbard’s, who boasts a massive 4.16 UT-rating — that’s a higher brewery rating than Midwest craft giants like Toppling Goliath, Founders, and New Glarus!

Fresh IIPA V78 was brewed with a citrusy hopbill made of El Dorado and Idaho 7. It packs a wallop of grapefruity aromas on the nose, which mixes seamlessly with huge flavors of pineapple, guava, and mango on the palate. And the creamy-smooth mouthfeel follows it all up with a hazy-dank finish and a boozy 8.5% ABV.

Waiting too long to enjoy an IPA should be criminal! Well, maybe not criminal. But it’s still worth protesting!

And as the star of fruity fresh-flavors with the bold canned-on date that proves it, Fresh IIPA V7 is the Poster Child for our cause — drink it down, and you won’t want to accept anything less than fresh ever again!