Fresh IIPA V15
Fresh IIPA V15

Fresh IIPA V15

Hubbard's Cave
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Photo of V5, label is actual(V15)
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  • 4.34 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.17 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Double IPA
  • 8.5% ABV

Mouthfeel: Pillowy and luscious, just the way a 8.5% ABV juicebomb should be. Hops: Loaded up with Citra and Galaxy Hops! 

A lot of breweries do whatever they can to stand out in the ever-expanding craft sea. It’s all crazy can art, stylish food trucks, and super old, haunted buildings for taprooms. It’s not always about the beer anymore. 

But, the folks at Hubbard’s Cave don’t give two hoots about that trendy craft flair. 

Heck, they’re tucked into a basic strip mall right outside of Chicago with a simple sign that just says “Brewery.” They don’t even serve food at their taproom, because damn it, they’re all about the beer! 

And it works. People drive hours to the Hubbard’s Cave taproom for fresh tastes, and the brewery has a 4.17 UT rating to show for it. That puts them in the Top 100 highest-rated breweries in the entire freaking world

No need to road trip to Illinois with all the other craft fiends, ‘cause I’ve got your taste of Hubbard’s Cave right here.

Judging from the online ratings (not to mention all the editions I’ve tasted), they nail this lush Hazy each and every time. The Beer Travel Guide even called Fresh IIPA V4 one of the top four IPAs of 2018, saying it exemplifies HC’s “mastery of juicy IPAs.”

Naturally, you’ll want to stock up while you can. Then, when your customers come in and start telling you about that new place that’s doing magic shows, custom tattoos, painting nights, goat yoga, and, oh yeah, brewing beer, just whip out Fresh IIPA V15 and pass around some tastes. 

While your regulars sit there speechless in fresh flavor shock, tell them that Hubbard’s Cave isn’t about the trends. They ARE the trend. 


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