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Free Mosaic

Free Mosaic

BlackStack Brewing
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  • 4.39 rating on Untappd!
  • 4.15 Brewery rating
  • Triple NE IPA
  • 10.0% ABV 

With access to brews like today’s Free Mosaic from BlackStack Brewing, it’s amazing to me that anyone in St. Paul, Minnesota gets anything done.

When I first tried this 10% ABV juicebomb, I got so wrapped up in its 100% Mosaic Hop dankness that I totally forgot about the booze and sucked down 2 cans in 45 minutes. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon happily dozing on the couch. 

What can I say? This brew’s flavors of fresh squeezed OJ, ruby red grapefruit, dank papaya, and tropical passionfruit hide that massive ABV so well, I just couldn’t put the pint down! 

And judging by the eye-catching 4.39 on Untappd, there are plenty of folks who can’t stop sipping. Just check out some of the comments:

  • “BlackStack IPAs are elite and this is no different.” @Corey K.
  • “Another BlackStack homerun!” @Adam G.
  • “Honestly don’t even know how to rate these anymore. Every BlackStack TIPA I have makes me even more of a snob.” @daddyborch.

Hey, it’s hard not to feel a little snobby with a fridge full of this brew! But, be warned — if you manage to get your hands on a case or two, remember that big ABV and at least TRY to pace yourself.