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  • 4.13 rating on Untappd
  • 3.9 brewery rating
  • Barrel Aged Lambic
  • 5.7% ABV

hen I was a kid, my grandmother would always take me raspberry picking at a nearby farm in the summer. We would go out in the wee hours of the morning, filling up bucket after bucket of ripe raspberries to make her prized jam.

I’m not talking about that squeezable Smuckers jelly you get at the store — I mean thick, chunky jam made with actual fruit!

And today’s Frambozen Raspberry Lambic captures that same beloved jamminess. The brewers at pFriem loaded it with a whopping 2,200 pounds of fresh raspberries per batch, right out of Oregon’s Willamette Valley!

And if that wasn’t enough fruity flavor to make your mouth water, the brewers aged the fruit and Lambic blend in French Oak Barrels for nine months, imparting it with a vinous Cabernet-esque punch. 

Grandma’s jam was good, but it never came with these delicious winey notes or a 5.7% ABV buzz!

You can taste pFriem’s dedication to oak-aging, bottle conditioning, and complex techniques in every sip of Frambozen — not only does it rank in the Top 100 Belgian Fruit Lambic Ales on BeerAdvocate, but it even holds a spot in the Top 25 Beers of its Style in the World on Untappd!

Aromas of freshly-baked raspberry pie emerge from the ruby-hued pour. Take a sip of this nectar and let raspberry tartness mingle on the palate with delicate notes of lavender. The barrel-aging imparts a woody spice and vanilla notes that complement the jaminess of the fruit, while a surprising lemon tang from Brett appears for a tart, funky finish.

This beer will hold a special place in your heart, just like Grandma’s homemade jam. You were always her favorite grandchild, so drink like it with this world-class Lambic.