Une Année
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  • 4.07 rated on Untappd
  • 4.06 Brewery rating for Une Année on Untappd
  • American Wild Ale with Raspberries
  • 6.5% ABV

Pull out your fluffiest bathrobe, dim the lights down low, and draw yourself a bubble bath — it’s time to unwind in style.

Infused with real raspberries, each refreshing sip of today’s Framboise is more relaxing than the last. The moment this effervescent pour hits your lips, you’ll feel all the tension in your body begin to fizz away. 

Today’s spa-day-in-a-bottle hails from Chicago’s Une Année, a small-batch brewery renowned for tart, complex sippers and a hyper-focus on fruit-forward, barrel-aged brews. Their Sour mastery goes so far that it earned them a spot alongside Pipeworks and Half Acre as one of Forbes’ Best Breweries in Illinois!

Calming vanilla wafts from the opaque cherry-red liquid, kickstarting your full-body relaxation. Sweet raspberry sparkles on the palate while a tannic-like characteristic evolves from the hints of tangy funk. Each calming sip ends with a floral finish for a well-balanced sour complexity. 

Snag a few cases or keg of this limited sour and treat yourself and your customers to a relaxing night at home. We have all earned this.