False Pattern

False Pattern

Modist Brewing Co.
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  • 3.88 rating on Untappd
  • 3.94 Brewery rating
  • Hazy Pale Ale
  • 5.5% ABV

Today’s False Pattern Pale Ale should be called “Michael Jordan,” because it’s made one helluva comeback. 

After Tott’s champagne company complained the previous name, Toat’s, was "too similar to their own," the GABF medalists at Modist gave their brew a makeover. They juiced it with a tropical hop bill and bumped up the ABV! 

Craft lovers are jumping on the quencher like film fanatics welcoming back a new-and-improved Robert Downey Jr.! UT fans like @Darren C. refer to it as “Minnesota's version of Green from Tree House. Similar notes and flavors. Great stuff, Modist!"

One sip is all you need to realize their success. False Pattern pours super hazy and is lush with tropical melon and citrus flavors thanks to heavy hopping with Mosaic. Plus, its malt bill is over 50% Oats for an ultra-soft mouthfeel!

It’s so pillowy and juicy that you’ll have to remind yourself that it’s a 5.5% ABV — you can sip this tasty booze-juice all day and STILL get sh*t done. 

This is the very first time False Pattern is leaving the Midwest, so grab some extra cans and show all your friends what a real craft comeback tastes like!