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Packaging Type: 24x 16 oz Cans
Estimated delivery date: 30 Aug 19

  • 4.09 Untappd Score (as of 21 August 2019)
  • 4.02 Brewery Score
  • Stout - Coffee
  • 9% ABV
  • Canned on 31 July 2019

Today I’m shopping for a sailboat, because Anchorage is releasing their brand new 9% ABV Expel Oat Stout brewed with coffee from Klatch roasters and what Gabe describes as “tons of cocoa nibs.”

That’s why I need a boat, because just a few cans of this mocha deliciousness ain’t gonna cut it. I need cases, pallets, maybe a couple of kegs. An actual boatload of beer.

Ever tried a beer that makes you feel that way? Like you have to get to the brewery and load up on as much as you can carry? If not, try Expel you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Then you can come join me as first mate!

Especially if you actually know how to sail, because I have no idea what I’m doing.

We can discuss all the beautiful complexities of Expel during the voyage. You’ll say how much you love the coffee notes, and how you want to drink it every morning. I’ll insist that it’s all about the chocolate, balancing out the roastyness and making the finish so ultra-smooth that I also want to drink it in the morning.