Evangelion - Hazy Triple IPA  [XI. Ireul Edition]
Evangelion - Hazy Triple IPA  [XI. Ireul Edition]

Evangelion - Hazy Triple IPA [XI. Ireul Edition]

Adroit Theory
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First photo is variant X, second photo is XI label.
Estimated delivery date: 12/20-12/25


  • Too new for ratings! (Evangelion X rated 4.3 on Untappd!)
  • 3.97 Brewery Score
  • Hazy Triple IPA
  • 9.5% ABV

Dangerously Delicious: There’s so much flavor in this juicebomb that you won’t even notice the towering ABV. Hop Havoc: Double Dry-Hopped with devious amounts of Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado Hops.

When I first sipped Adroit Theory’s brand new Evangelion XI [Ireul Edition] all I could think of was that Michael Jackson song, “Smooth Criminal.”

Because this stuff is criminally smooth for a 9.5% ABV Hazy IPA. And it’s so damn tropically juicy and delicious that I couldn’t stop drinking it! 

I sucked down two of ‘em WAY too fast, and when I stood up to go to the bathroom, I discovered that I’d been hit by, I’d been struck by, a smooth Imperial IPA.

Things were a bit wobbly. 

Don’t leave a pint of this stuff out while you’ve got holiday company around, because your grandma might just grab a taste thinking it’s juice or something. She’ll chug the whole thing and get absolutely plowed! Then you’ll have to moonwalk right outta there while people glare at you. 

And you’ll be mad at yourself, too, because that’s a criminal waste of good beer. Especially considering this limited edition brew from Adroit’s 4+ rated Evangelion series will definitely be sold out by the time you get yours, so it’s not like you can replace it. 

That’d sure suck, too, because fans on Untappd are saying it’s the best one yet! The lucky few to snag a sip of version X have already rated it an astonishing 4.28

So if you’re looking for something to take the edge off this holiday season, look no further. One pint of this monster will file the edge off just about anything! 

But be careful with it. Enjoy too much, and everyone will be asking “Annie are you okay?” Assuming your name is ‘Annie.’ 

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