Foundation Brewing Company
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  • 4.08 rating on Untappd
  • 3.92 Brewery rating
  • Sweet Milk Stout
  • 6.3% ABV

You got any plans this weekend? Cause whatever they are, you should find a way out of them and instead, Let’s Do Brunch

I’m not talking about some ho-hum, “waiting over an hour to eat at some trendy downtown cafe and pay for overpriced avocado toast” kind of brunch. 

I’m talking about kicking back and getting loaded on cans of Foundation Brewing’s silky, roasty, and indulgent Let’s Do Brunch Milk Stout — brewed with real cinnamon, whole vanilla beans, and roasted coffee, and spiked with a boozy-brunch appropriate 6.3% ABV. 

Really though, who needs brunch when every sip of this brew is like biting into a warm slice of coffee cake and chasing it with a spiked vanilla latte. All from the comfort of your own living room — without a line, or a crowd, or a crying child in sight!

Damn, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

But if you’re gonna grab a plate… ahem, glass… of this Saturday morning snack, you gotta act fast! 

Foundation’s beers are rarely found outside Maine and since they’ve been called out by practically everyone, from Food & Wine to Draft Mag, as a “Must Try,” their brews disappear faster than the chocolate pastries at my local coffee shop! 

Seriously, no matter how early I drag my ass out of bed on a Sunday to snag one, they’re always gone! And I expect this boozy-brunch-in-a-can will disappear even faster once our thirsty Tavour members hear what’s on the menu.