The Rare Barrel
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  • 4.35 rating on Untappd
  • 4.21 Brewery rating
  • Dark sour aged in oak barrels with raspberries
  • 6.2% ABV

When The Rare Barrel announced they were releasing a fresh batch of today’s 4.35 UT rated Ensorcelled Barrel-Aged Sour Ale, fans went berserk! With only a tiny amount available of this chocolate-covered raspberry sipper, Sour heads knew they had to act fast.

They scoured trade forums, offering up coveted brews from Prairie and Bottle Logic in hopes of getting to experience this GABF award-winning Sour.

But many are left hopelessly searching.

Because Rare Barrel’s small-batch, world-class Wild Ales are nearly impossible to find outside the Bay Area. So when you add a bottle of today’s 2x World Beer Cup medalist to your cellar, make sure you buy an extra lock to keep it safe from the thirsty Sour fans who missed out.

Brewed with over a pound of raspberries in every gallon and brimming with nuances of dark chocolate mousse, every drop of Ensorcelled is layered in decadence.

Notes of candied plums and apricots appear, swirling around hints of toffee and woody funk. Nine months of aging in oak barrels imparts a vinous, oaky depth that coats the 6.2% ABV in waves of jammy tartness, an elegant display of how Rare Barrel built their stupendous reputation.

Whether you’ve tasted today’s world-class Sour before, or this is your first introduction The Rare Barrel scoring a bottle of Ensorcelled Barrel-Aged Sour Ale will elevate your taps (and your palate) to new levels of craft envy.