Engineered Obsolescence

Engineered Obsolescence

Destination Unknown Beer Co.
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  • 3.90 rating on Untappd
  • 3.96 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Hazy DDH IPA
  • 8.0% ABV

 Destination Unknown says today’s Engineered Obsolescence IPA was “designed and brewed to be obsolete faster than your latest iPhone.”

Look, I love Dubco (as the cool kids call them), but that is absolute bullsh*t. Flavors this tropically juicy and smooth will NEVER be obsolete. 

I mean, yeah, the beer will be gone in less time than it took me to spell obsolescence, but that’s only because the brewers never make enough to go around! 

But hey, I get it. That’s just Dubco’s style. They make a delicious beer, it sells out of their taproom in under an hour, and then they make a brand-new delicious beer. 

Want to decide for yourself how good this latest Hazy is, though? Then you better grab a few cans quick, because our little supply is going to sell out faster than a new iPhone on release day. And when you give your buddies a taste of Engineered, they’re going to be way more envious of your beer fridge than of your phone. 

They might even trade you whatever’s in their cellar for it. We regularly see people on trade forums offering up Tired Hands and Other Half for a taste of Dubco. But after taking a sip, I doubt you’ll want to trade a drop.

Crack open the can and revel in aromas of bright mandarin from a massive dose of Citra Hops. Zingy lemon-lime swings in from Motueka Hops, while juicy passionfruit from Galaxy Hops backs it up. The solid 8% ABV vanishes behind layers of fruit, and a slightly pithy note dries things out on the finish.

Once our stash of Engineered Obsolescence is gone, it’s gone for good. Because while great beer can never truly be obsolete, it sure can disappear in a hurry.