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As Direct.Beer closes in on ONE FULL YEAR in business we want to sincerely thank you for your tolerance when it comes to writing several checks/counting cash every time The Manual Brothers arrive with our brands! Our breweries thank you as well!

As we continue to grow we want to make the Direct.Beer experience the best possible for our retailers and brewery partners and electronic payments will help us do so.

Here is a little FAQ!

So how does it work??
Payments will run through a secure Stripe marketplace - all transfers will be made directly between you and our breweries like a check payment but electronic!

How do I set up my account??
  • Add our mock '1 Year in Business' product to an empty cart on Direct.Beer
  • Press 'Edit Payment Methods' in your cart
  • Press 'Add New Payment Method'
  • Add your ACH bank information
Within 2-5 business days two micro-deposits will be made into your ACH account. You must return to your payment methods to verify the account before it can be used to make payments.

What does this mean for deliveries??
You will now be able to accept cashless deliveries! Your employees and Manual Brothers will make note of any damage as usual and you will be charged according to what was delivered and of good quality!

We will also be able to reimburse you for damaged products found after delivery much faster than in the past.

How soon will I be charged for deliveries?
Instead of waiting up to 2 months for a check to be cleared by a brewery we will be able to process payment within a week of delivery. We sincerely hope that this will help keep books nice and balanced as you buy more beer from our partners!

What does this mean to breweries?
It means EVERYTHING! We hear your requests for new and better breweries and we want them to work with us too!! Currently our business' biggest challenge when recruiting breweries is that we can't support electronic payment. 

So cheers to the windfall of breweries to come!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions! I am more than happy to assist in setting up accounts over the next few weeks - just shoot me an email or give me a ring :)


Claire Overby
(610) 400-5568