Double Homestyle

Double Homestyle

Bearded Iris
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  • 4.18 rating on Untappd
  • 4.11 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 8.2% ABV

For Days!: This brew is all about the citrus, apricot, and berry blasted profile of Mosaic Hops. One sip and it’s Mosaic for days. Says so right on the can. Watch the Booze: So refreshingly juicy and pillowy soft you won’t even notice that big ABV until it sneaks up on you.

I don’t know who’s house Bearded Iris had in mind when they named today’s Double Homestyle. Certainly not my house, because my feeble efforts at homebrewing have never yielded anything half this delicious. 

If you took the best IPA I’ve ever made and let the craftiest beer geeks around try a sip, it wouldn’t get anywhere near Homestyle’s whopping 94/100 on BeerAdvocate. And fans on Untappd certainly wouldn’t describe my beer as “one of the best DIPAs one can come across,” or “wicked juicy.” 

But that’s what they’re saying about this IIPA. 

The only place this 8.2% ABV beast is actually ‘homestyle’ is at Bearded Iris’ Nashville brewery, and sadly I don’t live there. Because they won’t let me.

But hey, I get it. One of USA Today’s Best New Breweries in America can’t let random beer-geek transients such as myself crash at their place.

I guess I’ll have to stick to filling my own fridge with Double Homestyle. That way I can kick back with a pint at my actual home, and I can do it with a whole lotta style!