Doomsday Device
Doomsday Device

Doomsday Device

Drekker Brewing
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  • 4.28 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.05 Brewery rating
  • All Mosaic DIPA
  • 8.3% ABV


Hop-splosion: Jammed full of 100% Mosaic Hops! Tropic Flavor Bomb: Colossal splashes of mango, citrus, and stone fruit flavors plume across your palate with each sip. Monstrous Mouthfeel: Thick n’ pillowy thanks to a big oat base!

All you mad scientists out there better watch out, ‘cause the folks at Drekker have created the world’s first Doomsday Device.

Hold your horses — it’s the good kind of epic device: an 8.3% ABV hazebomb for your mouth!

Drekker squeezed layers of thick, tropical flavor into this one from a single hop variety — Mosaic — once again flaunting their US Open Beer Championship Award-winning mastery. It makes us wish their hopped-up creations left the Midwest more often! 

Especially since this 4.35 UT-rated Imperial IPA is already blowing up the craft world with its dynamite juice and lusciously full mouthfeel:

“God damn Drekker does it again. Mosaic double deliciousness!” @Patrick F.

“Wow. Drekker nailed this one. Without a label, I would think it was from Tree House.” @Ryan G.

That’s only a taste of what those Midwest craft guzzlers are saying — there’s just not enough space here to include all the words of praise. Besides, it’s time for you to get a sip of Doomsday Device yourself and see why this juicy hazebomb is so worth detonating.