DDH Money
DDH Money

DDH Money

Barrier Brewing Co.
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  • 4.05 rating on Untappd
  • 3.89 brewery rating
  • IPA
  • 7.3% ABV

“One of the best [IPAs] I have ever had — it was better than Heady Topper!” @djamesb

“Really nice, soft, well-put-together IPA that reminds me a lot of Tree House’s Haze!” @Holderness

Fans are placing today’s DDH Money on a pedestal with some of the most revered IPAs in the world. But, when it comes to a beer like this one, that’s to be expected.

When we heard that Barrier was dry hopping their classic Money IPA we knew that hopheads all over New York would be holding their breath and waiting on pins and needles to see what this IPA-powerhouse would end up with.

After all, there’s a reason Barrier was named one of the Best Breweries in New York City by Forbes — it’s for the way they smash the IPA game!

Now they’ve smashed it together by coming up with today’s 4.25 UT-rated hopbomb. Across the board, from Untappd to BeerAdvocate, fans are simply losing their sh*t over it.

  • One of Barrier’s best, hands down” @Kyle P.
  • “As the name implies, it's money!” @Damian F.

It’s really no surprise to see every hophead in New York swoon for today’s tag-team treat. When it comes to Barrier and their brews, Instagram user @cjc314 sums it up best:

“It’s not a coincidence that everything you guys put out is as good as all the ‘big name’ breweries, without the lines and black market nonsense. I love trying new ones from all over, but I would be perfectly happy if Barrier were all that existed in the world!”

Us too, @cjc314. And this is YOUR chance to find out why.

Snag yourself a stash of DDH Money and taste an IPA from some of the finest hop-focused hands in the Big Apple!