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  • 3.84 rating on Untappd
  • 3.88 Brewery rating
  • Czech Pilsner
  • 4.9% ABV

Traditionally, American Pilsners cannot be called ‘Pilsners’ in Europe. It’s true! 

U.S. renditions became known for having too many starches, and according to the Beer Judge Certification Program, they’re “significantly less flavorful” than those across the pond. 

But one sip of today’s Pilsner from Wayfinder Beer is all it would take to convince the fussy Euro beer police that ‘Merica’s got what it takes! CZAF is from Oregon, though its honey-colored depths swirl with all the complexity of crisp Czech-style Pilsner. 

Every sip brims with toasted biscuit and floral notes, giving way to whispers of citrus rind. It concludes in a clean, delectably bitter hop finish that leaves you both satisfied and ready to dive back in for more!

To achieve this work of art, the brewers used Bohemian malt and heavily hopped the brew with Saaz. And to really seal in the nuances of bread and fruit in smooth sippability, the brewers practiced decoction. This traditional (and intensive) technique of removing portions of the mash, boiling them separately, and then returning them to the main mash that’s kept at a consistent temperature. 

The result is a more vivid, complex beer that fully embraces the Pilsner’s flavorful potential. Cheers!

The New School Beer readers voted Wayfinder Best Brewer and Best Oregon Brewpub!