What Evil Lurks - V4.0
What Evil Lurks - V4.0

What Evil Lurks - V4.0

Adroit Theory Brewing Company
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Packaging Type: 12 x 22 oz Bottles

  • Variant is too new for ratings!
  • What Evil Lurks variants all 4+ rating on Untapped
  • 3.97 Brewery Score (As of 11 October 2019)
  • Russian Imperial Stout
  • 15% abv

Variant - Dark Roast Coffee + Almonds + Pecans + Cacao Nibs + Bourbon Maple

Slinking in the shadows of our barely-acknowledged selves there lives an illusive suggestion so complex, yet so exquisitely simple, as to create a soul-stealing madness in any who look too closely, seek too keenly. Skulking about, awaiting the precise moment to rise up and be known. To peel flesh from bone so our flaws are exposed, and we are set free. Madness comes with a price…

Adroit Theory 2M License