Evangelion XII: Leliel Edition

Evangelion XII: Leliel Edition

Adroit Theory
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  • Version XI earned a 4.24 rating on Untappd
  • 4.0 brewery rating
  • Hazy Triple IPA
  • 10.0% abv

Haunting of the Hops: This Hazy Triple IPA haunts the palate with notes of berry-brimming Mosaic, vibrantly zesty Citra, and sweet pineapple-y Motueka and Moutere. Sinfully Soft: Each plush taste of ripe passionfruit and freshly-squeezed orange juice floats on a creamy body from a dose of lactose. 

Forget actual ghosts; the only thing you’re going to be haunted by is Evangelion XII: Leliel Edition! That is if you don’t load up on extras right freakin’ now.

Because this brand-new release is conjured up by the masters at Adroit Theory, and is part of their ever-changing 4+ UT rated Evangelion series that almost never leaves Virginia. 

Heck, these metal-head brewers craft such to-die-for Hazies, their nano-batch brews regularly sell out before they’re even released.

And fans who’ve received an the last visit from this ethereal Hazy series are feeling possessed, praising XI Ireul Edition with a 4.24 UT-rating! 

Really, this brew is going to disappear as quickly as an actual ghost aberration. 

Each indulgent sip of the tropical-drenched elixir is like an out-of-body experience. Notes of fresh-squeezed oranges and juicy pineapples float you away on a sinfully soft mouthfeel, calling forth your soul to the Hoppy heavens… only to slam you back down to earth once you realize your can is almost empty!

So yeah, grabbing just one case of these limited-release cans won’t cut it. 

Once that first Hazy sip graces your lips, like a light beaming from the skies, it’ll hit you: Evangelion XII: Leliel Edition is otherworldly. And as a one-time release from Adroit, not having a back-up stash is basically dooming yourself to craving this hauntingly delicious juice for eternity.