Heretics of IX

Heretics of IX

Adroit Theory
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  • 4.15 rating on Untappd
  • 4.0 brewery rating
  • Double NE IPA
  • 8.0% abv

In 2018, Adroit Theory’s 3-part IX series darn near broke the craft corners of the internet. Hopheads and beer-lovin’ Sci-Fi geeks everywhere wanted a taste of those 4+ UT-rated, Dune-inspired IPAs!

So, get ready, Reddit users, because Adroit’s finally released a follow-up — today’s new Hazy hopbomb, Heretics of IX.

It pours thick as OJ, yet flows soft as a cloud across the tongue. A massive double dry-hopping of Mosaic, Azacca, Idaho 7, Comet, and Amarillo Hops gives it big orange citrus and mango flavors too, with a pleasant pine-fresh finish. 

If you’re on Reddit or any craft-centric forum, don’t be surprised when you see some desperate hopheads looking for ways to get their hands on this haze juice. Fortunately, you have a direct line of access. Adroit set a stash aside just for AZ!

And, that’s even more awesome than it sounds because their brews often sell out before they’re even canned. 

So, grab your own cans of Heretics now. To paraphrase those Dune books, “He who controls the Hops, controls the universe.”