Moosesicle Slushy
Moosesicle Slushy

Moosesicle Slushy

903 Brewers
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  • Too new for ratings on Untappd
  • 4.0 + for all 903 Slushy Series
  • 3.81 Brewery rating
  • Fruited Berliner Weisse
  • 6.2% ABV

There are three things I know to be true in this world:

  • The sun always rises in the morning.
  • I only lose my car keys if I’m running late for something.
  • Slushy beers from 903 Brewers are always a win.

Seriously! The last five Slushy Sours we got on Direct.Beer rock a staggering 4.38 average rating! It seems like 903 couldn’t brew a bad Slushy even if they tried.

And, today’s Moosesicle reassures me of it. They loaded this sweet, pulpy Slushy with gobs of cara cara oranges, vanilla, and gooey marshmallow!

The flavors of cara cara and vanilla meld together in the velvety body for a classic creamsicle experience. But, this ain’t no creamsicle from the local dive — it’s the one you order at the swanky cocktail bar, where they give it a float of liqueur and a wedge. 

In simple terms, it’s ridiculously thick with fruit, tangy-sweet, and just plain delicious!

But, you know what they say — you don’t know something’s true worth until it’s gone. And, with the way Direct.Beer members gobble up these Texas-only Slushy sippers, you’re gonna have to move fast if you want in on this truth.

903 Brewers has now medaled at the U.S. Open Beer Championship 5 years in a row!