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  • 3.64 rating on Untappd
  • 3.75 Brewery rating
  • Lager - Pale
  • 5.0% ABV 

Back when the founder of Oregon’s award-winning Heater Allen was still a humble homebrewer, he wanted to brew a beer for his daughter, Lisa. She was living in New Zealand at the time, and while she hadn’t joined the family business yet, her taste in beer was already sophisticated.

Wisely, she requested a brew that combined the qualities of the smooth, refreshing Lagers she was imbibing down under with the piney, hop-heavy culture of her Oregon roots.

The result was Coastal, a supremely sippable brew that defies categorization. It was originally developed as a Steam Beer/California Common style, using lager yeast at slightly warmer temperatures than you’d use for ale yeast. Over time, it’s morphed into the hop-forward Lager that Oregon locals beg for again and again. 

Magnum Hops from Germany add a welcoming floral aroma, while the Northwest’s own Cascade Hops give it a tang of orange zest and a whisper of earthy bitterness. If an IPA and a Lager had a baby, it would be this beer.

Coastal pours a beautiful golden amber, with the ambrosial scent of wild flowers and ripe, juicy oranges. The taste is a delightful dance of hand-spun toffee and creamy caramel, paired with toasty malt and clean, refreshing hoppiness. The finish is crisp and bright, inviting you back for more.

But getting more is a challenge. Even if you could get this unique and delicious Lager outside of the Pacific Northwest, Heater Allen only brews it once a year — and it always sells out like lightning. 

Today, we can thank Lisa Allen for this crafty creation! But, we can’t blame her once it’s gone.