Cleopsis Rises
Cleopsis Rises

Cleopsis Rises

Adroit Theory
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  • First reviews: Friday 1/3/20
  • 3.98 Brewery Score
  • Hazy Imperial IPA
  • 8% ABV

"What was taken from me may yet be restored... Let me taste of your strength, your will, and your fire. Give me these, and I promise I will not forget you when I rise once more." - Cleopsis

Reading this expert from "The Court of the Dead" on day 3 of 2020, I imagine, not the voice of the Eater of the Dead, Cleopsis, but the voice of the 2010's. 

The same voice haunts me with memories of the harlem shake internet takeover, the icy instagram depths of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and the great white/gold/black/blue dress debate.

But unlike the powerful Cleopsis and her brood, which rise again this week with Adroit Theory's Cleopsis Rises Hazy Imperial IPA, we are lucky to put the 2010's to rest.

Cheers to the new decade with this follow up to Adroit's Nullentropy Imperial IPA. More powerful than ever, Cleopsis is double dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, and Amarillo hops and sports a hazy, low bitterness malt body with a soft and pillowy mouthfeel.

Goodbye 2010's, hello Cleopsis!