Chupacabra 3
Chupacabra 3

Chupacabra 3

903 Brewers
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  • 4.27 rating on Untappd
  • 3.81 Brewery rating
  • Imperial Stout
  • 13.0% ABV

Gather ‘round the (socially distanced) campfire everyone! And, make sure you’ve snagged a glass of smokey-spiced rum to calm your nerves.

‘Cause we’re about to tell spooky tales of the legendary Chupacabra!

This 13.0% ABV Imperial Stout, aged in spiced, Rum-soaked Oak Barrels, is as dark and deep as the midnight sky.

But, unlike the mythical, reptilian creature for which it is named, THIS Chupacabra is silky smooth and succulently sweet all the way through.

The skilled brewers at 903 pack it with heaps of cinnamon and brown sugar to compliment the rum barrels’ woody spice. Next, they add a load of milky coconut and nutmeg for luxurious flavors that flow like a top-notch Dark & Stormy cocktail. 

Even if you aren’t gathered ‘round a campfire telling stories with your loved ones, this Imperial Stout will taste like you’re right there. But, be warned — if you enjoy a glass in solitude, all its oozy-booziness might make you think there’s a Chupacabra right behind you!

*Unless you’re anywhere near the Sherman, TX taproom, this is your only shot to catch the Chupacabra before it escapes into the night!