CHONK Apricot/Peach/Cinnamon/Mallow
CHONK Apricot/Peach/Cinnamon/Mallow

CHONK Apricot/Peach/Cinnamon/Mallow

Drekker Brewing
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  • 4.15 early rating on Untappd
  • Collab with Able Seedhouse + Brewing
  • 4.10 Brewery rating
  • Imperial IPA
  • 8.3% ABV

We’ve managed to snag a total of 12 different Imperial IPAs on Direct.Beer from the haze masters of North Dakota’s Drekker, and fans rated every single one 4+ on Tavour and Untappd.

Every. Single. One. 

So, when we had the opportunity to pick up lucky #13, we jumped on it. Those fortunate enough to sample a sip have already rated it a preposterous 4.15 on Untappd

Yeah, you’ll definitely want to try today’s Agent of Anarchy Imperial IPA

It’s brewed with massive amounts of spelt and oats for an ultra-soft body that cradles a heaping helping of Citra and Sabro Hops. It tastes like a tropical fruit salad with sweet pineapple, ripe mango, crisp melon, and plenty of juicy mandarin orange. 

And as a bonus, this collab is also our very first taste from the U.S. Open Beer Championship award-winners at Minnesota’s Able Seedhouse and Brewing! These brewers do all their own malting in house, so they have the grain expertise to craft a mash bill to make Drekker’s hop-prowess to shine.

You’ve already loved a dozen IIPAs from Drekker, and we think you’ll dig this one too. But we only have 24 cases of Agent of Anarchy to go around, so if you don’t act fast, you’re liable to miss out. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.