Chocolate & Raspberry Pot De Creme
Chocolate & Raspberry Pot De Creme

Chocolate & Raspberry Pot De Creme

Hubbard's Cave
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Photo of brew #1, label is actual(2019 brew #3)
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  • 4.04 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.17 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Imperial Stout
  • 12% ABV

Want to learn a random fact? Illinois has the World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup.

Now want to learn an even cooler fact about beer? In the town of Niles, IL, there is a secret lair of bold, small-batch brews drawing craft fans from every corner of the state and country.

Crafted by the Dark Beer masters at Hubbard’s Cave, these bottled beacons have earned the brewery a whopping 4.17 score on Untappd. To put that reputation into perspective, that’s a higher score than Toppling Goliath, Anchorage, and Founders!

With hyper small-batch brews, it’s nearly impossible to find a craft fan outside of the Windy City who’s tasted one of these world-class brews. And with only 156 cases in existence of today’s Chocolate & Raspberry Pot de Crème Imperial Stout — being the first out-of-state fan to try it is a prestigious honor of craft fandemonium.

Especially because this year’s release is not only small-batch, but brew #1 was accidentally limited-edition!

In a labor of love, the brewers had to correct a canning misprint by hand-writing the number “9” for “2019” on every single one of those first batch cans. So scoring one of those cans was like getting an autograph from Chuck Norris or a first edition Avengers comic book — it was ultra rare and super cool. And even though they corrected this for brew #3, the rare and cool factors are still in play! 

The robust chocolate profile floods with flavors of fresh, ripe raspberries. Layers of cream swirl with hints of soothing vanilla and roasted malts. The bold 12% ABV drifts across the palate surprisingly smooth, ending with a satisfyingly creamy mouthfeel.

Set your collection apart from every other craft fans’ with today’s imperial stout from one of the Midwest’s most coveted breweries. Your competitors may be jealous, but not everyone can be a winner.


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