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  • 3.92 rating on Untappd
  • 3.85 Brewery rating
  • 8% ABV

Hoppy Rainbows: Crammed with an insane 10 lbs per barrel of dank Motueka, berry-blasted Huell Melon, and tropically zesty Citra Hops! Magical Juicy Wonder: Juicy tropical fruit from mango to ripe papaya leap out to greet you! Pineapple and melon gallop across the palate while kush-like dankness soars over the taste buds on hoppy wings. 

A ‘Brony’ is a grown man who is also a ravenous fan of the ‘My Little Pony’ cartoon show. Yes, I am serious. No, I don’t understand it either. But they’re out there — it’s a whole community!

They have conventions and everything. Kind of like Star Trek fans but with fewer spaceships and WAY more glitter and bright colors. Which is why the brewers at Chicago’s Illuminated named their sparklingly tropical Brony IPA after them. 

We don’t know if the burly, bearded brewers at Illuminated are Bronies themselves, but we do know they’re taking Chicago by storm. They’re gaining fans so fast that they’re one of the Brewers Association’s Fastest Growing Breweries in the Nation. However, their limited-release brews are still nearly impossible to find outside of Illinois.

It’s not like you have to watch the show to enjoy the beer. But once you try all the fruity Trix cereal flavors in this brew, you might actually crave a little cartoon time! 

It’ll be just like Saturday morning when you were a kid, except instead of slurping down cereal, you’ll be sipping this 7% ABV brew.