Briar Heart

Briar Heart

Urban Family Brewing
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  • 4.08 rating on Untappd
  • 3.92 Brewery rating
  • Sour
  • 6.5% ABV

Macro breweries are still light-years behind the times on this style, so you won’t find many options in your local grocery store.

Maybe it’s because fruit is expensive, and using enough of to get that tangy grandma’s-homemade-preserves-like flavor calls for a sizeable addition to the barrel. 

That’s why Tavour is so proud to be in Seattle, near Fruit Sour Ale masters like Urban Family

A few months ago, a friend of mine was here on business, so I took the opportunity to show him to the no-frills taproom — it’s one of the city’s best kept beer secrets!

I’m surprised more locals don’t know about Urban Family, especially considering they were listed as one of Thrillist’s 15 Best Breweries in Seattle.

We grabbed a couple seats at the wood-slab bar and watched the bartender fill someone’s glass with a rich, raspberry-colored brew. This was the beer we came for: Briar Heart Boysenberry and Raspberry Sour Ale

After they sold-out in the taproom, I scoured bottleshops trying to get my hands on it. But even my favorite local shop was sold out — it was completely bought up by their own staff!

I turned to the bartender: two Briar Hearts, please. 

I tried not to be obvious as I watched my friend take the first sip — I mean, it tastes like a damn berry pie, but I had to know what he thought! I had to see it on his face! 

His mouth twitched at the brew’s initial biting tartness, but he was clearly pleased. In fact, what I think he said was: it tastes like juice, but, like really awesome, boozy juice!