Break the System
Break the System

Break the System

Adroit Theory
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  • Too new for ratings! (last brewed in 2019 with a rating of 3.99)
  • 3.98 Brewery score
  • Hazy DIPA
  • 8.0% ABV

Ask Virginia-based craft lovers where to find the best beer in the state, and they’ll point to the metalhead brewery Adroit Theory. The love for this nano brewery is pretty incomparable, with new releases that often sell out before they’re even finished brewing

In fact, the only way to guarantee access to Adroit’s masterfully crafted brews is to be a member of their exclusive Black Hearts Society bottle club. At least, that’s usually the case.

Today, you get to call  yourself an honorary member — because we convinced Adroit to part with a tiny stash of their brand-new Break the System Hazy Double IPA, just for Direct.Beer!

Just be careful of how many customers you let in on this stash. Anyone who gets a glimpse of today’s inviting, bright golden-yellow Imperial IPA is gonna want a taste!

But if you’re like the hoards of Adroit fans who don’t live in Virginia, you can prepare for that: stash away a few extra cans in the basement, in behind cases of Coors, or in a secret fridge you have hidden behind a painting. You know, normal Adroit beer obsession stuff. 

That way, when nobody's looking, you’ll be able to pull a nice cold can of this masterfully-crafted 8.0% ABV IPA for one of your regulars. Just be sure they take it home and raise it in a toast to Adroit Theory.