Braaaaaaaains Strawberry & Guava

Braaaaaaaains Strawberry & Guava

Drekker Brewing
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  • 4.47 rating on Untappd
  • 4.02 Brewery rating
  • Double Fruited Sour
  • 4.0% ABV

Slushies, Slurpees, Smoothies. When done right, they win over our taste buds and our hearts. 

That’s why Drekker is one of the most popular breweries at on Tavour and Direct.Beer — they absolutely nail the style with every fruity combination possible. 

Take today’s Braaaaaaaains Strawberry & Guava. It’s rated a jaw-dropping 4.56 on Untappd by the first 250 reviewers!!

Drekker earns ratings like this by adding so much fruit, they end up with an actual smoothie that also happens to include beer ingredients. 

Take today’s Braaaaaaaains Strawberry & Guava. They load it up with a literal ton and a half of strawberries & pink guava! Then they add a bunch of vanilla, lactose, and sea salt until it's so thick that you’ll want to drink it with a straw. 

Invite your customers to the shop for a taste. Maybe they’ve seen smoothie beer, but there are only a handful of breweries on Drekker’s level who actually transform a beer into a smoothie.