Blue Shell (Bottle Logic Collab)
Blue Shell (Bottle Logic Collab)

Blue Shell (Bottle Logic Collab)

Barrier Brewing Co.
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  • Too new for ratings!
  • 3.87 Brewery rating
  • Collab with Bottle Logic (4.14)
  • NE IPA
  • 8.1% ABV

If I know anything from stalking bottle shop tap-lists or instagram stories, I know that AZ retail loves Bottle Logic.

And I understand that love - Bottle Logic brews some great beers. But here at Direct.Beer we are all about upping the auntie on what "great beer" is.

And so this week we are "Blue Shelling" Bottle Logic's staples off of your shelves and overtaking the competition with a killer collaboration from Barrier Brewing Co.

However, this IPA will not be winning over fans of Bottle Logic and Barrier Brewing with brute force - primarily because we only managed a tiny stash of this coveted collab... 

And if you miss out on a case of this top-of-the-podium IPA? I wouldn't be surprised if you experience that same near-miss finish after being knocked out of first place by the ominous Blue Shell.

So grab a case for yourself and a few of your favorite customers, and queue up the Beerio Cart!