Black Fang

Black Fang

Illuminated Brew Works
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  • 4.15 rating on Untappd
  • 3.85 Brewery rating
  • Double Imperial Stout
  • 10% ABV

Let it be known — if I don’t feel a sweet kick of caffeinated bliss by 9am, the claws come out!

At which point, there’s only one saving grace: an afternoon glass of Illuminated Brew Works’ velvety coffee Stout: Black Fang! Each smooth sip revives me with a treasure trove of creamy decadence, followed by waves of roasted espresso and notes of an icing-smothered cinnamon roll.

Brewed with heaps of cinnamon, lush chocolate, succulent vanilla, and a hefty dose of locally-sourced coffee beans, you’ll feel like you’re having that first luxurious taste of an expertly crafted, sweet foamy latte. 

And, if the coffee doesn’t knock you out of your seat, the enthusiasm craft-fans have towards Illuminated will! After blowing up in 2018, the Brewers Association named these Chicago brewmasters one of the nation’s FASTEST growing breweries!  

So, be sure to get your caffeine fix early — you’ll need plenty of energy to snag a few boast-worthy bottles before they disappear!