B/A/Y/S (black as your soul)
B/A/Y/S (black as your soul)

B/A/Y/S (black as your soul)

Adroit Theory
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  • This year's vintage is too new for ratings!
  • 3.97 Brewery Score
  • Imperial Stout
  • 10% ABV

There are some experiences that are so badass, they change us forever. 

Like the first concert that leaves an echoing buzz in your ears, or attending a football game and feeling the thunderous rumble from fellow fans vibrating throughout your entire existence. 

Or, for many Dark Beer fans, the unforgettable thrill of tasting today’s B/A/Y/S [black as your soul] Russian Imperial Stout from Adroit Theory Brewing. 

This small-batch brew was the very first beer the award-winning brewers ever crafted, and it’s so damn good, they continue to release it once every year like a celebratory ritual. 

And today, the 10% ABV monster has emerged from the blackness once more! Its bittersweet power is a force to be reckoned with, seducing many to proclaim undying love for its cinderous notes of espresso and roasted tobacco. 

Just look at these raving Untappd reviews:

  • “My buddy introduced me to Adroit Theory and B/A/Y/S was the first I had. Been hooked on Adroit ever since.” @valocirapotorkilmer 
  • “B/A/Y/S was the first beer I had from you guys, and is still one of my favorites!” @rex.and.the.dinos
  • “You guys have to be the most badass brewery in America” @bassfaceandweights 

And our members are headbangin’ along with the rest of ‘em, giving last years’ vintage of B/A/Y/S a hardcore 4.21 Tavour rating! 

Adroit Theory conjures flavorful leagues of 85% dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, dark cherries, and scorched earthiness. A singe of boozy heat arises in the finish, only to slink back into the shadows with a hint of toasted marshmallows glimpsing through the flame. 

If you’re lucky enough to get a taste of its cavernous depths, prepare to be entranced by the Dark Beer power Adroit wields — and be warned; you may never want to go to the light side again.

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