Attention Please!

Attention Please!

Bearded Iris
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  • 4.20 rating on Untappd
  • 4.11 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 8.2% ABV

LISTEN UP all you hopheads, haze fiends, and juice junkies!

Today, you have a chance to be the first Tavour members to get a taste of Attention Please! from Bearded Iris

And trust me, you’re gonna want a taste. Everyone from Thrillist to Men’s Journal applauds the Nashville brewery for crafting some of the Best IPAs in the Nation!

Those top-tier tastemakers at Bearded Iris are calling today’s fluffy juicebomb their “boldest, loudest expression of all-Citra pizzazz.” For a brewery whose highly-rated lineup frequently leans into the power of Citra Hops, that’s saying A LOT.

And it says even more once you hear all the rave reviews from fans — like @royfootninja47 who decrees it as “a great Double IPA and smooth as hell. You guys make the BEST IPA, the best BEER PERIOD, hands down!

To create it, Bearded Iris harnesses every last juicy drop of Citra Hops, coaxing out massive flavors of orangey tang and sweet nectarines. Notes of pineapple and grapefruit peel hang in tow, while the ultra-pillowy body pulls it all together like a freshly blended tropical punch.

If you’re still reading this description — STOP! Get your cans of Attention Please! before those other hopheads, haze fiends, and juice junkies beat you to it!