All I See is Carrion

All I See is Carrion

Adroit Theory
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  • Rated 4.22 on Tavour
  • Rated 4.06 on Untappd
  • 3.97 Brewery Score
  • Belgian Quadrupel
  • 12.2% ABV

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...and inside Adroit Theory, so is the beer. When most taprooms shutter their doors during the holidays, Adroit’s regulars demand the brewery open extended hours. Because where else can one go to unleash (read: drink) their holiday demons?!

Just because Adroit’s fans want to escape the whole snowflakes-and-carols scene doesn’t mean they’re against the season’s sweets— they just want booze and darkness in their dessert treats. Hence the 4.06 Untappd rating for this seasonal red-velvet cake of a massive 12.2% ABV brew, All I See is Carrion 2019 Belgian Quad.

This Quad is better than cake for Adroit’s army; it’s mouthwateringly plummy and decadent. Rich and malty with a mouthfeel of creamy caramel, it tastes like chocolate cherry strudel with vanilla ice cream. But only if the dessert was handed to you by the members of the industrial rock band, Nine Inch Nails.

What really drives Adroit fans nuts is the fact that it’s so difficult to get their claws on 4+ Untappd rated beers like like All I See is Carrion. Last time Tavour featured this beer, their customer's vision was temporarily blinded by Carrion’s date-y deliciousness — and as soon as they could see the light, they rated it 4.22 on Tavour.

So, escape the pleasant parties; make an excuse to get away from the ice rinks and gift wrapping stations. Instead, go drink All I See is Carrion with a classy cheese plate in the darkest, most cellar-like room you can find. Bring your like-minded, rock-music loving friends along for the ride.


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