After School PRRRT
After School PRRRT

After School PRRRT

Drekker Brewing
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  • 4.22 rating on Untappd
  • 4.02 Brewery rating
  • Sour
  • 6.0% ABV

Now look, I know there are some sweet-tooth craft fiends in the world, but I was NOT prepared for the crave-induced mayhem today’s After School PRRT Sour has unleashed! 

Made with freakin’ Gushers and Fruit By The Foot, this sour-then-sweet sipper has fans from coast-to-coast in an absolute frenzy searching for a taste! 

Even at Direct.Beer, we were only able to score 20 cases! No wonder folks who can’t make it all the way to Fargo, North Dakota are offering up trades featuring praise-worthy names like Great Notion, Treehouse, and Monkish, just for a chance to snag this brew! It’s freakin’ rare!

Leave it to the Willy Wonkas of the craft world, Drekker Brewing, to imagine a Sour drenched with your favorite childhood candy, and then amp it up to adult-level enjoyment. When these award-winning brewers go for an ingenious idea, they go all out!  

That’s why they didn’t stop after adding boxes and boxes of real candy - oh no! They took today’s 6.0% ABV Sour sipper even further down the flavor vortex by adding a rainbow-worth of fruit puree; you can taste the real pineapple, plum, strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, lactose, AND vanilla beans in every sip

As grown-ups, our mom's might not stock up on these snacks anymore, but with PRRRTs These Days in your hand, who freakin’ cares?! Go ahead and indulge your sweet-tooth while spoiling your inner child with this adults-only version of these classic after school snacks!