Accident in Hubbard's Cave

Accident in Hubbard's Cave

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  • 4.12 rating on Untappd for batch 2020-2
  • 4.16 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Imperial Stout
  • 12.0% ABV

Several barrels of their 4.2+ UT-rated Stout spilled over in the brew room. Waves of motor oil-thick Dark Beer are rushing through the halls of the brewery, filling every nook and cranny with aromas of roasted malts and bittersweet dark chocolate.

Eye-witness reports describe the scene as dark, intense, and delectable:

“Wow! 12% ABV! So good.... aaaaaand I'm tipsy!!” said local fan Michael T. who was unavailable for comment after being swept away by this big and bold brew.

“Like melted ice cream with a gooey marshmallow texture and a touch of black licorice. So smooth, almost like nitro,” described local Stout fiend Johnny Hopps, who was drawn to the spillage by aromas of roasted espresso and warm spice. 

Hordes of Chicago-land Stout fiends are outside the brewery, desperately waiting to carry away any remaining cans of this boozy sipper. According to one fan, “Hubbards is awesome, you know, they have a higher brewery rating than Toppling Goliath so I try to get my hands on anything new they come out with.”

And even as the last drops of silky smooth, cocoa-coated Stout puddle onto the floor, these Chicago natives have assured us there is no cause for alarm. 

The brewers say that just before the incident, a tiny stash of was canned and reserved for Direct.Beer. And based on the frenzy we saw here today, this reporter will bet that the brand-spankin' new batch of Accident in Hubbard’s Cave (2020-2) will disappear faster than you can say “waves of roasty espresso and boozy liquid fudge.”