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  • 3.72 rating on Untappd
  • 3.75 Brewery rating
  • Pilsner
  • 3.75% ABV 

Most people are familiar with the Vienna Lagers that resemble Marzens and Fest Biers, but few have tasted Vienna’s traditional “Abzug” Lager. 

That’s because, brewers reserved this incredibly refreshing, sessionable style for local farm workers and trade laborers only. 

To this day, you’re more likely to find a four-leaf clover than you are to come across a true-to-style Abzug outside of the region. Which is why I’m positively delighted to share today’s rendition from Heater Allen

These Oregon Beer Award Gold Medalists specialize in Lagers, and they’ve mastered the Abzug to a Viennese “T.” 

Their Abzug is supremely drinkable, and they brewed it with Saaz Hops and toasted malts to achieve authentic Vienna-style flavors. Its dark copper hue and floral-fig aromas lead to pleasantly crisp notes of toasted bread and a clean finish.

In a nod to the style’s original forerunners, Heater Allen even brewed it for local Pacific Northwest winery workers during the harvest season.

You don’t have to work outside all day to enjoy kicking back with this revitalizing floral ‘n fruity sipper.