Liquid Spiritual Delight(LSD)(Coffee)

Liquid Spiritual Delight(LSD)(Coffee)

2nd Shift Brewing
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  • 4.24 rating on Untappd
  • 3.93 Brewery rating
  • Imperial Stout
  • 11.5% ABV

You’ll never forget your first trip, and you definitely won’t forget your first sip of today’s Liquid Spiritual Delight (LSD) Imperial Stout with Coffee.

This is why, even though I’m 99.99% certain there are no illicit substances in this motor-oil thick pour, I still think it should be labeled as a gateway drug... the craft wonders of Missouri’s 2nd Shift, that is!

Named one of the Best Craft Breweries in St. Louis by HopCulture, these brewers are known for their dark and decadent sippers that fans are trippin’ over. In fact, the last time Tavour got an LSD variant, it sold-out in just two days, leaving only a massive 4.30 rating from their members!

And today, these go-big-or-go-home brewers amp up the addictively delicious brew to new heights by infusing it with freshly-roasted Nicaraguan coffee

Irresistible aromas of rich vanilla and freshly-ground espresso tease the nose. Take a sip, and indulge as the lightly-charred malts blend with dark chocolate in a roasty dance. The thick, chewy mouthfeel leaves a hint of robust coffee flavors behind, cloaking the booziness in silky-sipping glory and a slightly dry finish. 

Every mouthful of this 11.5% ABV cup o’ joe will expand your mind (and palate) to out-of-body levels of euphoria. So grab a couple cases of this electrifying brew, put on Dark Side of the Moon, and get ready to join the enlightened.