18 Watt IPA

18 Watt IPA

SingleCut Beersmiths
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  • 3.90 rating on Untappd
  • 4.03 brewery rating
  • Session IPA
  • 5.0% ABV

I still remember the look of awe on my friends’ faces the first time I ever wow’d them with an IPA. We were in Chelsea Market — an underground urban food court in Manhattan — a hidden lair where craft beermongers release their latest small-batch draughts and locals escape from the tourists.

This group of friends all liked beer, the Sierra Nevada/Dale’s Pale Ale types, but none were full-on nerds like me...

That is, until I ordered them a round of Queen’s SingleCut Beersmiths' 18 Watt IPA. I could see the curiosity on their faces: they could tell they were drinking an IPA, but this zesty orange juicebomb was something else. One of them did a double-take as he said it literally tasted like citrus hop-candy! How could something start so juicy and then finish so dry and dank?

None of them knew or cared, but all four had simultaneously found themselves a new favorite IPA.

We all have beer buds similar to mine, loyal to the hoppy classics. Share today’s 18 Watt and be the first friend to shock-and-wow them with a complex beer that’ll expand their IPA palates.